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The LeMoyne Block is no longer daunting, scary, or difficult Thanks to the beauty of precut 2 " strips and the tube technique, you can make your own LeMoyne Magic quilt with ease and confidence. There are no Yseams, no difficult sewing, and no reason to run away from this block any longer. Just partner two strip fabrics for a star, sew some tubes and cut halfsquare triangle blocks using either a square up ruler or our favorite Cozy tool, The Strip Tube Ruler. Item CDQ05001 And truth be told, The Strip Tube Junior Item CQD05006 makes the project even easier because it is perfect for this size block While the LeMoyne block is pretty by itself, this magical design makes it all the more beautiful with the addition of an interesting, complementing block that is used to alternate with the LeMoyne Star.

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